While reflecting on what I’m grateful for this year, I realized that all of my biggest gratitudes involve relationships. And apparently, there are several scientific studies that back the power of relationships. According to findings from the Harvard Study of Adult Development, a study on happiness that spanned 75 years “has shown that the people who fared the best were the people who leaned into relationships with family, with friends and with community.”

I am grateful for my partner, who makes and brings me coffee every single morning like the true hero he is; for my dopey but lovable deaf pitbull puppy; for my family, who are always rooting for me; and for my undergraduate students, who are funny and surprising and never fail to renew my hope in the world.

I am also incredibly grateful for the wonderful companies for which I work, including the folks over at SeaReal, who are committed to not only their work but also to helping the world in positive ways. I recently chatted with the team about their work, the power of relationships, and what they are grateful for this year.

Shannon and Rodolfo, how did you both get involved in real estate? How did you first begin working with the SeaReal Team? 

Rodolfo has a degree in Marketing and Hotel and Restaurant Management. When he arrived in Seattle after graduating from university, he started working with the Mexican restaurants on their marketing, promotions, etc. He quickly observed that the real fun was in the real estate side of restaurants. And so he got his real estate license and launched his new career. About four years later, we met and married. Excited to join his efforts (I had just recently received my RE license), we spent our honeymoon on the beaches of Hawaii writing our business plan. (Hahaha, yes we did. We are complete nerds.) Upon returning home, we launched our first company: SeaReal. We grew this biz for nearly eight years before having children… it was truly our first baby. 

What is the most rewarding part about working with the SeaReal Team? Any favorite stories from working with clients over the years?

There are many rewards to our career of helping people buy and sell real estate, both commercial and residential. The reward is in helping dreams come true: handing first time homeowners their keys; being included in our clients’ (who become like family) milestone events like births, baptisms, graduations; selling a home at a profit so clients can realize their next life goal; or helping our commercial clients buy their property to exponentially increase their wealth. 
But the real reward is in our relationship: Rodolfo and Shannon. Owning a biz together has brought us closer as friends/partners/biz owners. A lot of people ask if it’s hard working with our spouse. We both emphatically agree that it it would be hard not working with our spouse. It’s been a lot of fun and neither of us would change it for the world. We’ve learned a lot of life lessons about effective communication, listening with intention, supporting each other (even when we may not want to), putting our ego aside in times of disagreement, and remembering to always have fun in everything we do. 

What are you grateful for this year?

Shannon: Grateful for our beautiful 7-month old daughter, Lydia, and our inquisitive and energetic son, Leonardo. I’m grateful that my career affords the flexibility to work in the mornings and spend the afternoons and evenings with them.

I’m grateful for our team members (Shannon and Eze), our partners, vendors and our clients for believing in us.

EZ: I’m grateful for family and especially my wife and three beautiful children. They’re my drive and inspiration. I’m grateful for being able to be in business with great friends whom we see as family. I’m also grateful that in this world that is seemingly swamped with negative news that I can still walk outside my door and encounter young children of all races playing with each other, that my neighbor still checks in on me when our power goes out and that I still believe in the goodness of people and the human soul. 

Thank you so much Shannon, Rodolfo, and EZ for your inspiring words. Which relationships are you grateful for this year? 

To chat more with the SeaReal Team about what they do, get in touch with them at 206-518-5518 or info@searealteam.com.