In today’s seller’s market, it’s smart to sell your home now. Especially in the Seattle area, buyers are chomping at the bit trying to win bidding wars for great homes. However, even in a market that favors sellers, it’s important to keep your wits about you. Here are the top five regrets that home sellers have (and here’s how you can avoid them):


1. Not giving themselves enough time to sell their home.

For most sellers, this was their biggest regret. 30 percent of home sellers said that they wished they’d given themselves more time to prepare their home to sell. So start now by speaking with your Listing Agent about what to fix and what to leave as is.

Additionally, sellers who sold their home for its listing price were 50 percent more likely to have completed the necessary home improvement projects. According to real estate professionals, the fact that buyers are currently jumping to snap up low-priced starter homes doesn’t mean they’re willing to settle for anything.

To avoid wasting time and money scrambling at the last minute, tackle both larger home improvements and smaller repair projects as soon as you can. It’s also important, however, to not go overboard with the home improvement projects. On average, sellers who renovate their bathroom only earn back about 58 percent of this home improvement investment. Sellers who install a new roof, however, earn back about 105 percent of this investment.

As an interesting side note, according to Zillow, the right paint color can boost your selling price as well. Yellow kitchens sell better than white kitchens, and earthy wall colors such as sage or dove gray are also popular among buyers.


2. Not working with a Real Estate Agent.

90 percent of sellers who sold their homes quickly and for more than the listing price worked with a Real Estate Agent. In addition, sellers who use an experienced Agent, have a quicker close with significantly less unexpected “surprises.” Contact the SeaReal Team to find a professional who will help you with this process (206-518-5518 or


3. Jumping at the first offer.

Sellers often mention that they are so eager to move and sell their homes, they accept the first offer they receive. Luckily, if you’re selling a home in the Seattle area, bidding wars are common right now, and you will most likely receive multiple offers. Again, knowing which offers are best can be tricky; consult with a Real Estate Agent to know when to wait and when to accept.


4. Not knowing the competition.

Smart sellers check out the other houses for sale in their area before they list their own homes. Professionals recommend that you “analyze the comps”: the other homes for sale in your area that are similar to yours. A quality Real Estate Agent will also advise you in this process, helping you strategize and list your home at a competitive, eye-catching price.

So, moral of the story: give yourself plenty of time to prep your home for sale and ask your Listing Agent to help you prioritize projects. Put in the home improvement work (though don’t worry about making your house perfect), and be patient when receiving offers from buyers.



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